Beth Rowland

admin. assistant

Beth has been working at the Inland Vineyard since 2004 and is passionate to display God’s glory in all of the ways He has created her to. She loves to encourage, motivate, and serve the staff and local church through prayer and administration. Beth is also passionate about training-up believers and encouraging them to minister and love as Jesus did. Beth enjoys being on Inland’s staff because she gets to interact with the community regularly, extending the Kingom of God to them. She has had the privilege and satisfaction to server the leadership with her talents and strengths. Beth experiences tremendous joy when the staff is serving side-by-side together with common goals; advancing the Kingdom of God. The most important thing to Beth outside of work is sharing her life with family and friends. She enjoys being lost in a good historical fiction novel as well, however the most fulfilling time spent is quality time with her Lord, Jesus Christ.